Mamarazzi Workshop


This workshop is something I have wanted to and thought about doing for a long time. I am thrilled to be offering the first JWP Mamarazzi Workshop October 2015. At this workshop, we will be discussing photography basics and how-to’s. I will teach you how to better capture your little ones as YOU see them, so you can feel confident in freezing the moments that make the now great. I will teach you how to get the shot you want the first time so you can put the camera down more often and enjoy the every day moments, as well as the special occasions that you never want to forget.

When? Saturday, October 10th. 10:00-2:00. Where? Saratoga Springs, UT.

The workshop will be broken up into two parts:

Pt. 1 | $45.00 | We will cover the basics of photography, photo perspective and composition, Iphonography, and the best of the best editing apps.

Pt.2 (full class) | $75.00 | You will learn how to get the most out of your DSLR cameras (shooting on manual mode). I’ll share tips and tricks I use regularly on photo shoots, how to work with children, and editing helps. You will also get some one-on-one time for Q&A and practice shooting on manual. Lunch will be included.

I’m here to help you feel more confident and capable behind the camera.  As moms, we are often the cook, the maid, the nurse, the judge, the memory maker, and the photographer. After this class, I’m hoping at least one of those roles will become a lot easier. I can’t wait to hang out with all you Mamas!